Reading Is Food For The Mind

I’ve taken up the habit of reading the weekend New York Times at coffee shops, parks or cafes. The subscription I have is mainly to access the digital edition but I feel a sense of commitment is necessary when the paper arrives at my door on weekends. After all I am fulfilling the papers purpose of being read and the death of trees was not in vain. I’m informed about the world, social, economic, arts and entertainment. So I’ve decided each weekend requires time to read the paper.

I mainly read outside because home is distracting. Too many things can sideline me. Mostly television shows, sports or movies. I used to be one of those who let the paper pile up. Now not so much. I glad read the paper from cover to cover.

I do wonder if this is creating an OCD? Well, if so, it can’t be bad, right?

The Heidi Chronicles

I’m sitting in a Starbucks on Astor Place listening to an amateur rocker singing a Cranberries cover and thinking of a girl named Heidi. Yes, still looking for love in all places. Every time it follows a similar script: Raj meets girl. Raj likes girl. Girl likes Raj. Raj and girl like each other more and more. Love starts to be said. Raj begins to see future with girl. Some outside force flips things around. Relationship end. Rinse. Repeat. So I’m thinking why should this be any different?

But it is.

I can’t say why this is different but the vibe I’m feeling is unlike any one I have had before. I’ve tried to connect with my inner Spock and rationalize it: She knows what she wants in life. She is age appropriate (5 years 11 months younger than me). She loves and wants to stay in NYC.

Maybe maturity has finally hit me at 40? I always felt I knew what I wanted but 40 has changed me. I haven’t ever been this comfortable in my skin as I am now. I still workout and try to eat healthier but I’m very much ” what you see is what you get”. I’m no longer trying to be someone I’m not. I’m being me.

I think that’s why I feel different with Heidi. She likes me. Not a better version of me. Not a malleable me. Me as I am. She has seen me at my sweaty worst and my shining best.

Let’s see where this goes. It could be the same old song or it could be a whole new world.

Why I Returned

It has been a year and one half since I wrote on WordPress. During that time I spent time microblogging on Tumblr. The experience has been good and I won’t stop what I post there but I had to return.


I miss writing.

Tumblr has many pros especially the ease of posting pictures and re blogging. A couple of clicks and my social media footprint grew a little larger. Still something was missing.

I felt detached from the process. Again, it was just a few clicks. I didn’t have to think deeply. I posted pictures of places and food using Instagram to link to Tumblr but that was it. It was mindless thoughtless sharing for me. I didn’t feel creative. Just passing some part of my life along that the general public may or may not be interested in.

I had thought of returning to WordPress but why now?


Not that love for someone swayed me but it was that she finally committed to blogging and when I told her I haven’t done much blogging she lamented my giving up my WordPress blog. She was probably my only fan but that’s cause she is heavily biased. That comment made me think. Why wasn’t I blogging? The creative juices are still there and I write for myself so I can see my history warts and all.

I realized it was the medium I was using versus the one I used. WordPress has no frills and I don’t pay for the upgrade cause my writing is not Vonnegut. It is a simple was for me to express myself.

So I have returned. Who knows for how long but let’s see where this takes me. So…

Once again, welcome to my world.

I’m tumbling

I have decided to give my Tumblr blog some much needed attention. This is not to say goodbye to this blog but giving me another medium to express myself. I use a lot of social media and using Tumblr is just another creative tool to help express myself.

I will try and return to this blog to update my thoughts and hijinx so again this is not goodbye but a see you later.

My Tumblr is as follows:

Hope you give me a shot there as you have here 😊. Life continues!