I Went To Citi Field on Saturday and a Movie Broke Out

Saturday night was movie night at Citi Field. It was the unveiling of Last Play At Shea, which documented Billy Joel and the end of Citi Field. It mixed the history of Shea built in 1964 to its final year in 2008 with Billy Joel’s music career which took off around the same time and still chugs along even though, as Billy states, he hasn’t written any new fricken music for the last 16 years. As with the occupants of Shea, the New York Mets,who had many highs and lows in their franchise history, so did Billy Joel’s career. It was interesting seeing some of the backstory for each participant in the concert and how they came together.

I may not have stressed it enough but Billy Joel is my musical inspiration. I was sent to the YWCA for piano lessons by Mom when I was 5 and while I did not grasp the love of the piano at that age, I did love Joel’s music. In turn his inspirations became my favorites. When I got older and realized I had the power in my hands to sway the ladies then I honed my craft. Never being great cause I didn’t go into music with a true love until much older, I played various Joel covers as well as ragtime. It worked well and paid some of the bills but eventually I learned it was just a pipe dream and not reality for me. So now it is a good hobby which I break out from time to time in public but save mostly for private intimate settings with whomever I am dating and care for greatly.

Shea Stadium was like home to me. The often used “It’s a dump but our dump” was true. It wasn’t fancy. It leaked. It smelled funny and looked older than its 40 plus years but it was a place I had tons of memories. Memories with my father, memories of my teenage years and then memories of my 20s and early 30s. The stadium hosted many dates, many heartbreaks and many milestone birthdays in my life. It was a place I could go to for solace and comfort. A place to celebrate my joy and happiness. A grand dame of ballparks. At least to me.

So the combination of the two left me with a good feeling. The documentary was well done and a quick 90 minutes. The second most enjoyable part of the night was hanging out in Sterling! A place my ticket package does not allow me access, during the movie I was free to roam and roam I did. Everything about it seemed nice. Even the hot dogs and beer. If I win the megamillions, I’d be living in that section at Citi Field.


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