Dive Barring

Last night I pulled off an impromptu dive bar crawl. I actually say this with some pride because recently I have not had any let my hair down moments. Working in law, it is important to let off steam or else the career can get the best of you. You can turn into an angry, hard driven sarcastic person. Sure, I already have some of those traits, but I use them for good, not for evil. Well, that was before I tore a new hole into a partner who drives me batshit with his stupid (yes, there are such things as stupid) questions. This is a guy who makes a living making a ton of money working in the M&A field and he finds ways to complain about every bit of legal advice I give him. I felt proud of screaming at him but it also left a bad taste in my mouth. So I decided to grab P and a few friend and do some diving. Our first stop was B’way Dive which from the outside looks like a dive but inside reminds me of a well-worn bar, not the dives I grew up with in college and my days of piano barnstorming through Alphabet City. Still, it called itself a dive and the crowd looked like a bunch of regulars so it was a perfect start. Cheap drinks and food while watching the Tigers hit two home runs was the start of a beautiful night.

Next stop was Dive Bar on 96th and Amsterdam. I have been to this place plenty times after company softball games. Usually I’m eating for free because a partner in the group is charging the whole thing but tonight we paid but paid so little. We took over two tables and talked shit and laughed while the room buzzed with music and more Tiger runs. You can guess how happy I was while munching on nachos and downing Coronas. Our last stop was Subway Inn.  When I was a kid and later in high school, if I ever took the Q32 bus to go to school, I would dream of going to the Subway Inn. It is a hole in the wall across from Bloomingdale’s but has so much character. Like it has seen the changing times in NYC. When I was 17, I stepped inside there for the first time and I felt like an adult. For the last 20 years (that sounds wicked long), I’ve hit the place for a drink or bite. Nothing has changed. The bar and seats look the same. It still smells the same with the exception of awesome chicken wings. Which we devoured while drinking and toasting the Tigers win. Before I knew it I was home by 12:30 am. Then I remembered in 7 hours I was supposed to do some pro-bono work at the local high school. Talk about buzz kill.


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