Autumn In New York City

I love autumn. There is something cozy about sweater weather. Since I run hot, I am not a fan of hot and humid weather. If I had to rank the seasons in my order of preference, I would go with Autumn, Spring, Winter and Summer. With the fall weather, you can wear jackets, blazers, sweaters and not feel uncomfortable. Going to bars, I don’t feel the need to lug around tons of clothing like I would in the winter and in the summer time, I would not have to sit strategically in the line of the AC to keep cool. Spring has its good points, but the flare ups of humidity is what causes me to put it in the number two bracket. Number three can be a tie between winter and summer, though with winter, you can add layers and be comfortable in public whereas in summer, even on the hottest days it isn’t appropriate to walk around naked in the city.

So I embrace Autumn.  I also embrace photography.  Here are some photographs of Autumn in Central Park.



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