Simple Glance

I find I make more and more eye contact with people on the streets as well as those whom I take the elevator with, either to work or in my building. It is a fleeting few micro-seconds, but you can convey a lot during that time. Most of my eye contact is done when I am at peace with myself. Not stressing about things but content about the course of that part of the day is taking. The responses from such looks can be positive. I’ve received many warm smiles when I have connected. I have had some negative looks, as if my eyes had violated another person’s space. One thing I try not to do is read too much into what just occurred. It isn’t an invitation to start talking or being angry. Sometimes a look is just a look. If the person I glance at seems open to a comment, I’ll make it. I’m also receptive to comments back to me, which are mostly positive. I think this is cause a negative comment will only open the person who made the comment to scrutiny and they really do not want to get into it in the first place so why start something?

The ones I had today were warm and friendly. They ended with a smile and good feelings. We should all have such fleeting moments. They make the day/week so much better.


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