Pursuits of Happiness

This December month started with my attending a work sponsored seminar on finding happiness in the workplace.  They talked about how you can take various tasks from your work life and transform them into happiness inducing mechanisms.  I think everyone would love to derive some level of happiness from their jobs/occupation/career but sometimes that is too difficult to imagine. The coordinator of the seminar pointed out that we must accept the fact some of our responsibilities may be mundane and boredom inducing but we must look at the bigger picture. Same time, if your occupation is so tiring that you cannot find any silver lining, then maybe it is also time to do something you love. Find your calling.

I took in the information that was presented to me and have been thinking about happiness. Not just on a career scale but how to find and maintain it in all aspects of my life. I already have a reputation of being an overly optimistic person that people are shocked when I have off days. So, I have a reputation I must uphold, which sometimes makes it even harder to find that elusive happiness. So, recently, I have taken to what I would require to be happy.

Many people say wealth does not bring happiness, and while this is true, wealth does bring financial peace of mind. That sense of serenity would certainly help in life, and I doubt hurt someone. For me, most of my concerns fall into the financial category. Besides my loans, mortgage and credit card debt to pay, I have medical bills that my Mom recently incurred that need to be paid. In this economy, even a bill of $15.00 is considered valuable enough for some places to threaten going to collection agencies in order to be made whole. I find this an utter waste of money as the amount these businesses have to pay collectors far exceed the amount of the actual bill. Still, fearing to fall behind on bills dampens the mood, even during Christmas time.

Yet, when I walk the streets of NYC, pondering my bad luck, I see all around me, people making the most of the holidays. Everyone is hurting financially, in one way or another. In fact, with the downturn in the economy, there is an increase in homelessness. To see people huddled on a heating grate, with all their possessions in a bag, puts things into perspective. I shouldn’t look at myself and throw a grand pity party. I should be thankful and grateful for the positives I have in life. These parts in their sum create a happiness that far outweighs the negative in my life. It is very easy to look past the good or not see it and only focus on the not so good. The test is to find a way to embrace the good and realize that while there is troublesome issues, it doesn’t mean that you cannot hold your head up high and be happy. These obstacles may temper my personality, but I will not let them harden me. If they do harden me, it is in creating a steely resolve to keep pushing through and finding a way to make things work out without sacrificing my positive and happy seeking disposition.


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