Scenes From A Starbucks Coffee Shop

I’m sitting this Saturday evening in a Starbucks on Park Avenue which is relatively new to me. I usually go to Starbucks with friends or P, we drink coffee or some beverage while talking and shooting the breeze. Or it is a meet up place from where we go to other places. When I was in college, grad and law school, for the latter two, Starbucks was ingrained in our society but I didn’t use them as a study hall. It was a place to relax. Get away from work and all those other things in life which can create clutter.

Tonight, I am sitting here alone. Listening to Across the Universe sung by Rufus Wainwright, looking at the holiday lit trees across the street on this December evening. P is meeting up with friends tonight for drinks and dinner. I was asked to join but I wanted to be alone with my thoughts tonight. So, I told her I was going to go outside, take a walk and hunker down in a cafe to write the Great American Novel. She rolled her eyes and said I always find ways to jazz up my blog writing ways. So she kissed me good night and headed out from my place while I drifted up town in search of the place that would inspire me. I found most Starbucks to be crowded and on a second pass of the one I eventually settled on, I realized there was something about it that just felt homey. So I grabbed my Gingerbread Latte and placed myself in a window facing seat and am typing away.

The crowds at this particular Starbucks ranges. There were tourists, students, travelers weary of all the places their feet took them and friends getting together to catch up on life. I saw a few fellow laptop comrades, reading the paper and doing other things while using the free Wi-Fi. On the streets I see people going to and fro. Either shopping, heading to some events that require dressing up and many people trying to hail cabs.

Watching life go on from a window makes me feel detached from the whole thing. I am watching and listening, but not participating. Perhaps this is what God feels and does when he is not actively involved in people’s lives (as some people believe). Just checking in and watching to make sure free will is alive. I feel like I’m looking at a Snow Globe. I shake it and the cars and people move. I watch until they stop moving and then suddenly things reanimate.

I definitely feel I will be visiting this venue for inspiration.


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