That Guitar Man From Central Park End of the Year Concert

Saturday night I went to hear David Ippolito close out 2011 with his annual concert held at Merkin Concert Hall at Kaufman Center on West 67th Street. I’ve been going the last three years and every year it has a new wrinkle. Now, I am not a diehard fan, going to Central Park on those weekend afternoons to hear David sing on the hill near the boat basin. I actually stumbled upon him around 1996 while rollerblading in the park. He was playing a James Taylor cover amongst other classics and when I got home I told my sister about him. She knew him well, having gone to the hill with friends to hear him play. So while I do not attend his park sessions, I do enjoy going to this event.

A little background on David Ippolito.  He is a singer/songwriter who not only covers others music but writes his own. He has catchy hooks and reminds me of Rockabilly music. He speaks of love, politics, social issues through his music. As a liberal, I’m a big fan of his thoughts, but it may not be for everyone. He has a website and sells CDs of his music through his own label. For his end of the year concert, he has friends whom I have seen perform with him the past three years: George Wurzbach on piano, vocals, Ryan Cavan on drums, vocals, Teresa Reynolds on vocals, David Marcus on vocals, Nelson Montana on bass, vocals and Chris Tedesco on the fiddle,  mandolin and vocals. Each artist is truly an expert at their craft. Altogether, they performed in unison and the relationships between each of the musician is so strong that there wasn’t a hitch in the music. It was continuous and strong, regardless of David’s laryngitis.  It was 2 and one half hours where you put aside all your worries and stress and enjoyed the atmosphere. To anyone who has gone, I’m sure they’ll agree and to those who wonder if they should go, I would say yes. Make it your 2012 resolution.

Lastly, the song that stuck with me at the end of the night was George Wurzbach’s Hannibal. Here is a link from his website: I highly recommend. Very touching.


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