My Year In Review 2011

2011 was a mixed bag of events. It started off well enough but there were signs that it was going to get complicated. If hindsight is 20/20,  then I can say that this year was rough. For every good thing that happened, what remains with me was the last 5 months. In those months, my mother had fallen one too many times, the last of which caused us to seek for her to get physical rehabilitation for her walking. 5 weeks later, Mom returned home only to have developed a bad pneumonia which sent her back to the hospital 4 days later and then another 2 and 1/2 months of hospitalization and rehabilitation. When Hurricane Irene struck, I spent the night at Beth Israel with my sister as my Mom spiked a fever over 104 and it looked dire. She survived the night and since then it has been a battle to get her back to walking and embracing her former life. After release from the hospital, I decided with my sister that she will stay with me through the holidays and into early 2012. It would give me a chance to monitor her road to recovery but what I lost was my privacy, with aides and therapists coming to my apartment. It is a small sacrifice to ensure Mom gets better but it has also put a strain on my relationship with P. We have been able to muddle through and she has put on a strong face but we’ve had moments where my family life has taken its toll emotionally and physically upon me. So with all the good that happened in 2011, it is hard to see it through what I currently experiencing.

So my hope for 2012 is good health to my mother and getting my life back on track.

To everyone, Happy New Year. Wish you all the best and thank you for stumbling upon, reading and/or commenting/following this blog about my life.


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