Standard: Pigeons

I read the article tonight in the New York Times entitled Rescuing The Birds Many Hate

I was touched by the group that looks out for the one creature that it seems is the bane to most persons existence. I personally do not have any issue with Pigeons. I see then as living creatures who hurt like we do, hunger like we do, want to live and breath like we do. It saddens me when I see one of their lifeless bodies, run over by cars or laying dead in a quiet corner on the street. They may have been going about their lives when suddenly it ceased. I mourn them quietly as I pass as I would any thing with life. It is refreshing to see there is a group who looks out for their health and welfare. For those who say why save them because they supposedly do not offer anything to society, I say if you take that approach, then half the world’s population could potentially fall into that category. Humanity isn’t reserved just for humans.


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