I’m one month into using the iPhone 4s. Being a long time Blackberry user, I held on to the bitter end until my phone started giving me major headaches and the “newer” models of the Blackberry didn’t do it for me. So I decided to take the plunge. I know there are various groups/fanatics for each of the major smart phone groups: The Apple-philes, Crackberry and ‘Droids. There seemed to be this belief that if you subscribed to a particular phone, you automatically became part of that “family”.

I don’t buy into that bullshit. When I was a Blackberry user, I was using the phone I felt best suited my needs. Professionally and personally. It had the bells and whistles I needed. As I grew technologically, I saw that there were limitations in the phone. I did get envious about people with capable browsers and touch screens but I still stayed with Blackberry when my contracts expired. I was seduced by what other phones offered, not the groups that they fell into. I wanted a faster browser. Better technical support. Just a more modern phone. So when my latest contract expired and a year after that passed, I realized that I, as a consumer, had grown, and needed a phone to handle my various electronic needs and interests.

So, I looked at Androids and there are so many on the market it can make your head spin. There were also 100 different people saying which ones they preferred. Fewer choices the better, especially if that one choice appears to be more than capable of handling what you would like in a smart phone. Then I checked out the iPhone 4s.

I didn’t care much for Siri. I don’t talk to my phone. I talk on my phone. So having a personal assistant would be useless to me. At work I have an administrative assistant assigned to me but I do most of my work on my own so I rarely ever go to her for assistance. I will take her to lunch on Administrative Day and we interact as far as chatting and shooting the shit, but I don’t require her services. She mentioned it is a relief since she is shared by a few others who use and abuse her with work. Same would go with Siri. I could have fun using the program but I won’t be barking orders at her. After all, I am of the Space Odyssey generation so I know what a HAL like computer can do if we give it too much power.

The rest of the phone and it applications available to it intrigued me. I’m a Facebook, Twitter and WordPress user. In fact, I’m using my iPhone to type this post. I found the touch screen, while not perfect, wasn’t terrible and actually my speed has gotten better with use. I also like taking pictures with my phone and posting them. With the applications available to iPhone, I could Instagram pictures and post them everywhere. Sure, this means inundating friends with food and location pictures but if they don’t want to see it, don’t click on it or curb what you see from me. It allowed me to tap further into my creative vein. The email capabilities has been good and being able to view HTMLs and PDFs has been super-helpful. Especially when working in transit to home, dinner or date plans. So, I’m happy with my iPhone.

The big question is if I am now a follower of the Church of Steve Jobs. The answer is no. Not only because I have issues with religion in general but I don’t think it Apple is the world. They put out innovative products but like any company, their goal is to make money. They are interested in filling our needs but not in our well-being. So to those who swear allegiance to Apple, that’s fine. You can do that. Me, I could care less. If the iPhone starts to suck a year or two into my use, I’ll look to the product which I think will be best for me. In other words, choose a phone like you would a political candidate. Make the choice based on your interests and needs, not because it is popular. If that makes me a fake Apple fan, then I embrace my iPhone-i-ness.


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