Culture of Greed

This morning I read the Op-Ed piece by Greg Smith Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs. The environment that Mr. Smith refers to is not limited to investment banks but to many Fortune 500 companies. While I work at one in the legal capacity, I see the overwhelming desire to generate more revenue for the company with disregard to the personnel of the firm. Management benefits from the forced rule bending that I am repeatedly asked for by consultants/managers/senior managers when it comes to negotiating contracts. I do not bend and will not relent in my quest to make good business decisions that protects all parties. Mr. Smith has pointed that this mentality is pervasive and destructive within Goldman Sachs. I see this as a time for all major companies to take a step back and see for whom and how their conducting business affects everyone, be it the client or their own personnel. I have hopes that the current attitude can change IF those with the ability to change it take a stand.


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