So Shines A Good Deed In A Weary World

Saturday I was caught in the afternoon deluge that overtook New York City. Fierce and heavy rains fell accompanied by thunder claps and lighting sizzling in the sky. I had just left Trader Joe’s with 4 paper bags full of groceries on my way home. Not being prepared I ducked under the cover of Home Depot as I made my way home. Although under the awning of the store, the vertical and horizontal rain fall dampened my bags. I soldiered on to make my way to 5th avenue or perhaps even Park to catch a cab home. As I struggled with my wet bags which soon started to fall apart, I felt upset and wondered why the hell I do such stupid things. It was around that struggle that a middle aged woman saw me and politely pointed out one of my bags bottom was tearing. I thanked her and ran under the Radio Shack canopy to figure out a solution. A few moments later she came back with two plastic bags for me to use to place my bags in. All the while other people had walked by me without a care in the world. In fact a few I felt their eyes on me but offered no assistance. What an angel she turned out to be. I thanked her several times and she helped me and then went on her way. I was able with my plastic bags encased bags to catch a cab and go home.

Every time I am about to lose faith in my fellow human being, compassion in the form of a good Samaritan finds me and reaffirms my faith that there are people out there who will go out of their way for someone in need. This storm did bring out a rainbow.


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