To Tell A Tale

Whenever I get home late at night and I walk down the hall to my apartment the idea of a horror story comes to mind. A race to get inside the apartment before midnight before the creature wanders through the halls feasting on the unlucky few who come in after the clock strikes 12. It is all part of a ritual sacrifice that goes on in all major cities to appease the gods who allow them to prosper as they may.

I know I have a bizarre mind. Creative to the point I am surprised at some of the shit I can think of. Perhaps it is due to the lack of creativity in my career. Or it could be that I’m feeling tired of law and need an escape. In either case I wouldn’t trade my mind for anything.

Same time, I don’t plan on writing a book. I like the outlet blogging provides and maybe this blog can be made into book form but the goal was never to write a book. It was to allow myself to express myself. An ego trip? Sure! After all, I am the best person to talk about myself.


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