Summer Olympics 2012

Every 4 years we see a gathering of nations compete in various sporting activities. For two weeks we exist as one world, without strife, ills, etc. A feel good moment that one hopes can last for an eternity. Since that will never happen, we take what we can get. This year, England was the host country for the Olympics.

Awesome job!

While I was not physically present at the Olympics, from what I saw and read, it appears England had wonderful venues set up for all the different events, dealt with crowd issues without incident and put on an amazing Opening and Closing Ceremony. England, you did not need Mitt Romney’s so called expertise to build a better Olympics. Mr. Romney may have actually gutted your Olympics and outsourced it had he been in charge. I totally understood why the Olympics were held in England. When I saw the venues, I realized that if a city like mine, NYC, wants to host the Olympics, we need to have the multiple venues, a place for the Olympic villagers and upgrade our transportation to ensure that people can get to events without missing a beat. England, you set the bar high for future host countries (I’m talking to you Brazil).

Now, the telecast of the Olympics in the US was brought to us by NBC. I believe NBC has a contract for the next two Olympics. I seriously hope they get their heads out of their collective asses and put together a better show. We all know there is a tape delay due to the difference in time between when the games were actually occurring and but when we saw them, NBC’s choppy programming, horrible announcers and negative filled comments towards other nations representatives made it painful to watch. Then we were subjected to their sad fall lineup of new shows. The kicker was NBC chopping off the Who’s performance till after midnight to show us some new comedy about a veterinarian hospital. The commercials looked unfunny (no offense to the monkey) so I imagined the actually show was nightmarish. I was enjoying the music performances albeit in between all the “must not see tv” shows that NBC has in store for us and then suddenly the programming was over for the lame comedy and news before giving us 10 minutes of the Who performing before the Olympics, according to NBC were over. I DVR’d the last bit to watch tonight but it was the icing on a very bad slice of NBC cake. 

So, while the broadcasting sucked, the Summer Olympics in England were amazing. Kudos to you London for being a great host city. 


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