Scenes from the India Day Parade

Yesterday NYC celebrated the 65th anniversary of India’s Independence. The city hosted the largest Indian Independence Day Parade outside of India. The parade itself is 36 years old. I have attended it (but until yesterday not recently) and have seen the crowds, marching groups and floats grow over the years. The parade itself started on 38th and Madison and worked its way down to Madison Square Park. Nice and intimate as well as a Stoney’s throw from where I live makes it even more convenient.

I decided to make this a family affair and invited Mom and Sis as well as my Uncle to watch the festivities. Mom came with Clarita, who takes such wonderful care of Mom that she is like family. My uncle brought an old friend who hadn’t attended the parade in some time. We took our places on Madison and 34th and took in the sights, sounds and genuine happiness in the fall like conditions. The actually marching was about 2 hours and then afterwards we all parted. It really was a wonderful day. Below are some of what I saw.20120820-091559.jpg20120820-091659.jpg20120820-091736.jpg20120820-091753.jpg20120820-091715.jpg20120820-091814.jpg20120820-092131.jpg20120820-092208.jpg20120820-092224.jpg20120820-092238.jpg20120820-092340.jpg20120820-092654.jpg20120820-092637.jpg20120820-092725.jpg20120820-092804.jpg




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