Promotion aka They Like Me, They Really Like Me

Wednesday I found out I was promoted. While I had heard rumblings, it still came as quite as a surprise. I have been with my company for 9 years 9 months. During that time I have gained a lot of experience, took on various roles and projects and taught many of my associates, junior and sometimes seniors. Through all that time I did not advertise what I was doing. I had expected my work product to speak for itself.

My friends and other colleagues had noticed that I wasn’t advancing even with my responsibilities increasing. I told them I hope the powers that be would notice my hard work and reward me in kind. Year after year nothing happened with the exception of more work for me. Soon enough some took to calling me “Justice Hand”: great enough to rely on decisions and to handle complicated matters but not able to get into the Supreme Court. I took it in stride but it was eating at me. I was brought up with the notion that your body of work speaks loudly. I am not a supporter of connections and who you know to help me advance. Perhaps that is why I grew cynical over my prospects. In fact I started to wonder aloud with family and friends about my future at the company.

When evaluation time came and after receiving another glowing evaluation, I voiced my concerns to my supervisor. Before I could say a word, she told me something was in the works and she couldn’t talk to me about it. In a few weeks I would find out and she thinks it would make me happy. Cryptic yes, but I had heard the same song last year. So I told her anyway my concerns. I pointed out my track record, how people turn to me for help on a consistent basis and how my name is well known throughout our company across the country. I told her with all that appreciation from outside my group how come I cannot crack into the higher levels inside my group? Perhaps I was not rattling my chains loud enough. I ended with something I always thought but never spoke in the office. I asked my supervisor if I had a future here or perhaps it is time for me to move on. She looked nervous but told me that everything will work as I had wanted and deserved.

So the news came and the partner and my supervisor congratulated me and told me their expectations. I told them I am up for the challenge and will not let them down. It is true with great power comes great responsibility. News of all promotions was posted on our website so I received congrats and compliments from friends and colleagues at work. Almost every one saying it was about time or a long time coming. Still, it didn’t hit home the feeling of achievement.

That is until I visited my Mom on Friday morning. Mom has been going through some health issues as I have blogged before but the moment I told her and saw her eyes well up with tears of joy and words of how she is proud of me, well that’s when I felt I achieved one of the many goals in my life. It finally happened.


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