Vendy Awards 2012

When the season changes from Summer’s muggy/humid days to the cool crisp air of Fall, what also is ushered in is the annual Vendy Awards. The Vendys, which celebrates the roadside chefs who inhabit street corners of the five boroughs as well as various fairs and flea markets, is held by the Street Vendor Project, a non-profit group which provides legal and other assistance to the city’s food vendors.  Their tireless work to ensure the rights of vendors are projected culminate in what is now the 8th annual Vendy Awards. The last couple of years it has been held at Governor’s Island, a wonderful spacious location where foodies and food vendor supporters come together to celebrate a truly uniquely New York City experience.

I have been to 6 of the 8 Vendy Awards, where I have enjoyed a wide variety of cuisines. I also have used it as a springboard to teach others that street food is good food. In fact, it can be better than brick and mortar establishments. Most of all, food brings people from all walks of life together and makes them happy. For 5 hours we do not worry about our daily issues or world issues. We are united behind our love for food and appreciation for the hard work street food vendors perform in providing us such nourishing meals.

This year was no different from the others. There were international representatives from around the city. Below are pictures of the various meals from the following artisans: Uncle Gussy (Greek), Cinnamon Snail (Vegan and People Choice Award 2012), Piaztlan Authentic Mexican Food (Vendy Cup Winner for 2012), Hamza and Madina Halal Food (Solid Street Meat with kick ass sauce), Xin Jiang Prosperity Kebabs (So good I didn’t waste time on taking pictures of these amazing Chinese inspired Kebabs), Tortas Nezas (Near CitiField and awesome Chicken Milanese), CoolHaus (With Cute girl working the window), La Bella Torte Dessert Truck, Melt Bakery, Mayhem & Stout (short rib heaven in a sandwich), Baby Got Back Ribs (Awesome rub), Parantha Alley (Parathas done right and great chutneys), Lumpia Shack (loved the Peking Duck Rolls and so sweet and refreshing was the cantaloupe honey drink), Pestle & Mortar (Ceviche on a warm day makes everything right),  Phil’s Steak (Rookie of Year Philly in the house and their recommendation was off the hook), Okadaman (Long line but worth the wait – Kara-Age FTW), Chinese Mirch (dumplings and noodles=bliss), Morocho (Peruvian paradise: Aji de Gallina) and Fun Buns (Pork Belly never was more fun than in a bun).  So without further delay, the pictures.



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