Personalities Orders and Disorders

Working in law, I come across a wide variety of personalities. For the most part they are colorful and that is in a good way. While those are the ones we take for granted, it is the shitty ones that stay with us. This is about the shitty ones.

Now, I’ve always been an outgoing person. Chatty and friendly. Easy-going and someone who had a joke or two up his sleeve. In other words, I try to keep a positive atmosphere around me and try to spread it to others I interact with. Normally, that works out well but then I come across formidably bland or mean-spirited personalities. Like dark clouds that go out of their way to block the sun, they just enjoy spreading their dour feelings. In fact, they seem to be especially gleeful to wreck havoc on shiny happy people. As I’ve gotten older, I try to surround myself with people who appreciate others and life but as the old saying goes, you cannot choose who you work with. So, I try to adjust and not allow their attitude darken my doorstep too much.

Recently, I have had an influx of negative people come my way. People who appeared to be down on life and thus made it their sole reason to exist to ruin the life experience of others. They are rude, demanding and just overwhelmingly grumpy and combative. Tell them the sky is blue and cloudless and they’ll argue it is not even when it is. Tell them you are having a good day and they pepper you with questions in attempts to make you doubt your happiness.

I’ve learned no matter how hard I try to minimize the effect these groups of people have in my life, I can’t completely avoid them. Much like Good and Evil, Up and Down, Left and Right needs a partner to balance out the nature of things, so does positive and negative. We can’t have one without the other. So, as I have done well to keep the negative to a minimum in my private life, in my professional life, I do not have as much control. Just realized that too must be the balance. Private versus Professional life. What an epiphany!


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