All a Titter Over Twitter

As I feel my insatiable need of verbal diarrhea has increased with age, I’ve taken to Twitter more and more. The days of just Facebook status updates, while fun, have slowed down. Mostly because my randomness of the status updates I felt needed to be carefully articulated because I had friends on Facebook who may not necessarily understand or appreciate my candor. In other words, I was pissing people off or opening myself to criticism over my status updates, even the humorous ones. So, I started to tweet and it has been refreshing. I can be random, political or opinionated and there is little to no repercussion.  Sure I use hashtags to either follow trends or create my own and I do have followers (most of whom I do not know) but still none of them attack me for my comments. My Facebook status updates were done for myself but when I started to get unwarranted or unwanted attention, I realized that while it is an open forum, your audience is the people you know. On Twitter, your audience is those you know and everyone else who you don’t know. Much like this blog. I write for myself and don’t worry about the consequences whereas on Facebook I had to consider them.

So I shall continue tweeting and blogging. Facebook is still in my life but not so much.


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