Thirty Nine: Still Counting. Still Learning

Here I am one full day into my 39th year of existence. As I approached this age I sensed a calm come over me. While I was not necessarily thrilled as I approached this birthday, I made peace with it as soon as the day arrived. I realized that a lot of my dreams when I was 5, 10, 18, 21, 26, 30, and 35 did not come true: become a major league pitcher, archaeologist, renowned physician, President of the United States or Rock & Roll God, yet, I have nothing to be ashamed of. Sure I have not married the love of my life, the one, my better half and had two awesome children while living in a quiet part of DC or New England but I haven’t failed. Reason I feel this way? Cause life teaches me lessons each step of the way. Some lessons are bitter truths but others open my eyes to further possibilities. Each year I stand up tall and fall along the way and still I find the beauty in its complicated mysterious self. I made decisions I regret but they all don’t lead to terrible roads. Some were detours I needed to experience to appreciate an aspect of life.

So while this year is young and 39 is new, I look forward to where it will take me. Perhaps fulfilling a dream I have yet to have.


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