The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Recently a Redbox kiosk moved into the local drugstore on my block. I have been always fond of them , especially their low rental prices. Not to mention the text message codes and emails for discounts on rentals. So I have become more of a renter these days. It has worked out well during the hiatus on shows. So I am catching up on movies I have missed due to prior engagements or lack of interest from my movie crew. Tonight’s movie was The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

I had a basic idea of the movie but once I started I was drawn into the story. The characters, plot and location intertwined perfectly. The material which sheds light on retirement is one that has not been discussed much in movies. Sadly it isn’t just movies but society that seems to push retirees to the fringes of our day to day living. The movie shows the rich personalities that older adults can possess and also the foibles that isn’t just found in youth. The lives of 7 people who seek paradise, reconciliation, excitement, and a break from monotony brings them together to an elegant but dilapidated hotel/resort. The grand dream of a young man who wishes to bring glory to the place that his farther had also worked hard on but did not live to see its glory.

The hotel owner and these 7 travelers are each missing something in their lives. The location and each other find a way to open their eyes and hearts and they find fulfillment from each other. Humor and realized issues are depicted throughout the movie but relationships are the heart of the movie. Relationships with each other, within themselves and with India. Lately India’s ugly side has been making front pages and rightfully so. As a guy whose heritage is from the subcontinent, I am ashamed & horrified at the behavior of its citizens who still live in their backwards world. I hope the beauty of the country and its good people will outshine the misogyny and violence that women in the northern part of the country must live amongst. So watching this movie and seeing the people and the culture reminds me there is beautiful people there and they must overcome this hatred that those vile creatures have allowed to color our perception. I digress.

So to sum up, I recommend this movie. It shows us that life does not end when we are in our golden years. It is a new and exciting chapter if we allow ourselves to enjoy it to its fullest.


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