The universe is hard to figure out

Today I went through a perfect example of how the universe plays tug of war with my life. I had to reschedule my monthly committee meeting from Tuesday to Monday due to Tuesday being Veterans Day and a Federal Holiday ( Happy Veterans Day!). It also coincided with my three days off in the middle of the week (mental health, girlfriend time, and me time) so Monday was nonstop busy. Work seems to know when I am going on PTO as well as when I need to leave early cause the shit hits the fan. Crazy deadlines and people. At what time it was four hours at my desk with a lot of water and no pee break (TMI? STFU). So I was blitzed with conference calls and heavy negotiations. Not fun. As the day was winding to a close then it happened.

Fire safety team notified out elevator bank that some tripped the fire alarm. All the elevators in all banks were shutdown. We were stuck wherever we sat or stood. I could hear the clock tick loudly as I wondered whether I would get out in time. Repelling off side of my office in Rockefeller plaza was an actual idea. Then another announcement. All elevators were running except bank C. Wait! I’m in bank C! Then another message. Two were running but were manually controlled and took six people each ride. As I sat distracted by work, the time came for me to finally make my leave. I walked to the elevator bank and just as I pressed the button for lobby an elevator appeared. It appeared safe so I got on.

When I arrived at the lobby, I was told that the elevator was going out of service. Universe is smiling at me.

I walked over to take the bus down Lexington and saw a limited bus. Hopped on, slid my metrocard in and EXPIRED! With no change I hopped off the bus in disgust but remembered the 6 train line had an entrance on the corner of the block. I ran down there and exchanged my expired metrocard for a new one with my original $10 and no sooner did I get the new card a 6 train came in. Hopped onto it and was feeling a bit like a gambler. Try my luck to catch that limited that I missed? I decided to go for it.

Got off at Grand Central Station and exited through the Chanin building. A straight shot to Lexington and the bus stop. I was caught behind a texter and slow walker. Finally made it to street level only to see the entrance across from the bus stop was closed. Crap. So I ran out through the 42nd street side and saw the limited waiting. I ran to it and was fortunate that it was taking its time unloading passengers. Got on the bus and it zipped down to 23rd. I was able to get to the meeting I chair with 10 minutes to spare.

I guess when I think the universe is against me it reminds me that I’m wrong some of the time, if not all of the time.


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