This Was Forty

30 minutes is all that separates me from turning 41. No longer can I cling to my late thirties. My feet are firmly into my forties. It was bound to happen. Semi-clean living, working out and a will to live is what got me here. Also luck and fate. Forty wasn’t bad. I learned to get more comfortable with my body and aging. The white hairs don’t bother me as much. Gives me character as some of the women I love tell me. I have matured in relationships. Found my voice professionally and have taken my role in community affairs more seriously. I’m also one who doesn’t put up with bullshit. My main pet peeve. I’ve noticed my penchant for chasing women under 30 has waned. A combination of being an older guy and how I could be considered their fathers is one reason. Other is maturity and life experience. I just can’t keep up with the roaring ’20s. Yes, I have been embracing middle-age. Cheers to hoping it lasts a very long time.


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