Urban Exploring: Roosevelt Island

I have been meaning to visit this island which is just a few stops on the F train but kept procrastinating. Not today. Today I put on my NYC adventurer hat and took on Roosevelt Island and the FDR Four Freedoms Park. Located within Southpoint Park, the For Freedoms Park celebrates FDR and the four freedoms he invoked in July 1941. I also saw the landmarked ruins of the Smallpox Hospital as well as the views of Manhattan and Queens from the Island. Without further delay, let the pictures speak for themselves.  



The Clothes Do Not Make The Person

Recently, a very good friend told me an acquaintance of mine said I was very cute but I need to wear more suits.  When she asked why, the acquaintance said I would look even better and land a girlfriend. When my friend told her I was dating someone, she said well he should wear more suits.  

I took a few things away from the conversation. While there was a compliment about my looks, I would be more desirable if I upgraded my wardrobe. Whatever happened to take me as I am? I dress comfortably. Business casual during work weeks, with a blazer or sports jacket to round things off.  The suits come for important events. We live in a society where image is everything. We judge people based on appearance.  No matter how good our intentions are, it is sometimes deeply embedded in our subconscious to create a value on a person purely on looks alone. I’m guilty of it too. Person walking down the street in shabby will get a nervous glance or a long look. We don’t know the person but can quickly come up with characteristics. It’s human nature that causes us to react in such a way.  

Sadly some have that nature worse than others. Best I can think of on how we stop such behavior is to be aware of our thoughts and quietly admonish ourselves for thinking that way. While it is true more people would approach an attorney in a suit no matter he is a moron versus the one who looks like a hobo but is as brilliant as Justice Marshall, all we can do is remind a person that putting lipstick on a pig still keeps it a pig. 

These Dreams Appear When I Close my eyes…

Anyone ever dream of someone so real that you feel you have known them all your life but when you wake find it was only in your head? I have those types of dreams where the people are so familiar. Flesh and bone. The conversations.  The locations they are held. All  real. I wake with a euphoric feeling until reality creeps in and I realize it was only a dream. Such a strange feeling. Are the people based on those I really know? In some ways yes, in others not so much. Perhaps they are creations based on people I see when walking around the city? I hold hope that some of it may be real cause it would be cool to meet some of those wonderful people.